Best Footjoy Golf Shoes – Reviews and Comparison

Today, i wanted to review golf shoes made by FootJoy brand. Discuss their advantages and disadvantages. FootJoy, unlike many other golf brands i know, is focused on making golf apparel only. I think that makes them and their golf shoes special in a way that no other brand is. Customers and experts seem to agree as well – Footjoy golf shoes enjoy overwhelmingly positive reviews. Even though no one can doubt doubt their quality, Footjoy golf shoes still have some flaws that some of these reviews forget to mention. I wanted to write this article to serve as comprehensive review of FootJoy brand and golf shoes made by them. First, let’s talk about their advantages.

  What are advantages of FootJoy golf shoes?

  1. Variety – FootJoy makes many different types shoes for all types of people. Whether you have special condition or preference for certain style, there is wide variety of FootJoy golf shoes to choose from. They also make shoes from many different materials and their designs are vary greatly as well. They make golf shoes for budget-conscious buyers as well as top notch golf shoes which are expensive due to premium quality. FootJoy affordable shoes (for example, Versaluxe series) are one of the best options available for the money right now.  FootJoy even makes golf sandals, which are surprisingly comfortable in the hot days of summer. I’ll review those sandals below.
  2. Focus on design and build – Almost all FootJoy golf shoes that i checked out for this review were flexible, waterproof and breathable. That indicates huge commitment that this brand has towards building golf shoes that are as well-designed and built as they can be. Most of the shoes are designed to be more or less breathable, which is also excellent feat of design prowess. In hot days of summer, you don’t want to be stuck wearing golf shoes that are extremely hot, uncomfortable and by extension, exhausting to wear. Not to mention the high quality stitching and materials. I only tried them on for few hours, but i could tell that these shoes were incredibly sturdy. My opinion was only reinforced when the owner of the shoes told me that he had been using them for 2.5 years now. Even if he took remarkable care of those shoes, they still looked unbelievable after two years of use.
  3.  Cushioning – Compared to average pair of golf shoes, FootJoy shoes are remarkably comfortable. Even more impressive is that despite all the extra cushioning built into the FootJoy shoes, they tend to be very lightweight as well. Some shoes also have built in heel support. Mesh upper, except for being breathable and keeping your feet cool, also adds nicely to how comfortable FootJoy shoes feel. Except for cushioning on the inside, FootJoy golf shoes are also designed to absorb most of the shock from outside.

Thanks to all these features, FootJoy offers ultimate flexibility of movement on the golf course. While wearing best FootJoy golf shoes, you can walk on the golf course for hours without worrying about any injury or damage to your feet.

   I also mentioned flaws… so what are the flaws?

One major flaw that footjoy golf shoes have is that their sizes are not trustworthy. Most of the time the sizes run large, but there are some models that run small as well. Solution to this problem is to either buy your FootJoy golf shoes directly from brick and mortar stores, or try your exact model on in the store, but come back and order from Amazon. Amazon itself does have helpful sizing charts that help you find correct size for yourself, but even with that, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to choosing golf shoes for yourself.

Best Footjoy Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men’s VersaLuxe Golf Shoe

These shoes are probably best choice for someone looking for a amazing golf shoes at reasonable cost. Price does vary depending on color and size, but this shoe, due to it’s simpler design and build, tends to be cheaper then most high quality golf shoes on the market now. By simple, i mean minimalist design. It’s nothing fancy on the outside, but once you wear it, you’ll be surprised by how comfortable it actually is. Thanks to beautiful leather linings, this shoe is also waterproof, making it good choice for playing in rain. It is available in many styles, colors and sizes. This one’s definitely one of the best footjoy shoes for golfers with wide feet as well as regular sizes.

FootJoy GreenJoy Golf Shoes

While i find this model’s black leather style to be simplistic, it’s overall design is very well thought-of and focused on delivering maximum comfort. Because of this comfortable build, GreenJoys can be worn without a problem all day every day. Best comparison to demonstrate how comfortable they are, is this : walking with these shoes is like what i’d imagine walking on the clouds would be like. This pair comes with solid outsole to support your stance when hitting the golf ball. It’s price is somewhere in the middle – maybe a little expensive compared to other budget brands, but this is one of the most comfortable golf shoes by footjoy, so it’s worth every cent.

FootJoy New Hyperflex II Golf Shoes 

Just like other shoes, this one’s incredibly comfortable, but the best thing about it is it’s flexibility. This one’s a spiked golf shoe and it’s outsole certainly lives up to the expectations. The N.E.O outsole has perfect traction for even the most awkward spots on the golf course. It has stylish design and it comes in many different colors. Sometimes (depending on where you buy them) these shoes come with 2 year waterproof warranty, which is further proof and testament to these golf shoes’ quality. It costs more than most golf shoes, but it still remains one of the most popular choices among people looking for quality golf shoes made by FootJoy.

FootJoy GreenJoys Golf Sandals

To say that GreenJoy sandals are comfortable in the summer is an understatement. These are incredibly breathable, obviously, so unlike most golf shoes, they are actually capable of keeping your feet cool. Adjustable velcro straps ensure that fit well and be comfortable. Being made out of quality Synthetic leather, these sandals are also water resistant and therefore, last forever. These sandals come with DuraMax outsole, which is specific kind of rubber that has great grip and can improve your stance.  There aren’t many different sizes available, only most common ones. So if you have average-size feet, you might consider getting yourself comfortable golf sandals such as these.